Gloss Hair Lamination Professional

Unleash Mirror-Like Brilliance

Introducing the Keratin Revolution Gloss Lamination Treatment, the ultimate solution for salon professionals seeking to elevate their clients' shine to new heights.

This cutting-edge treatment offers a transformative experience, delivering mirror-like brilliance and a stunning glossy finish. With its innovative formula and superior performance, Keratin Revolution Gloss Lamination Treatment sets a new standard in hair glossing, leaving clients with red carpet-worthy radiance and unforgettable hair transformations.

The Benefits

  • Laminating formula for intensely shiny, lightweight, fluid hair
  • By laminating the surface of the fiber, the hair is highly reflective with a healthy shine
  • Incredibly fast acting formula
  • Care agents bind instantly to the hair, creating smooth, hydrated, nourished fibers
  • Instantly repairs the hair, reducing roughness at the surface, leaving the hair completely fluid and incredibly soft to touch
  • Instant caring agents attach only to the areas that need nourishment, so there is absolutely no extra weight
  • Fast service which delivers instant 'feel good' results for clients