Lamination Treatment

Mirror-Like Reflectivity: Embrace Stunning Gloss with Keratin Revolution's Treatment.

Experience the transformative power of the Gloss Lamination Treatment by Keratin Revolution, an extraordinary salon experience that will leave your hair glistening with a breathtaking shine.

This innovative service envelops your locks in a radiant gloss, illuminating every strand with brilliance. Say goodbye to lackluster hair and embrace a mirror-like shine that will captivate everyone around you. Unleash the beauty of your hair with this customisable treatment, designed to nourish and strengthen your tresses from within. Step into the salon and indulge in the magic of Gloss Lamination, where instant results and head-turning shine await.

The Benefits

  • Laminating formula for intensely shiny, lightweight, fluid hair
  • By laminating the surface of the fiber, the hair is highly reflective with a healthy shine
  • Incredibly fast acting formula
  • Care agents bind instantly to the hair, creating smooth, hydrated, nourished fibers
  • Instantly repairs the hair, reducing roughness at the surface, leaving the hair completely fluid and incredibly soft to touch
  • Instant caring agents attach only to the areas that need nourishment, so there is absolutely no extra weight
  • Fast service which delivers instant 'feel good' results for clients