Nutrition & Repair Mask Professional

Revitalize and Repair Hair: Keratin Revolution's Exceptional Nutrition & Repair Mask, a Salon Essential!

Introducing Keratin Revolution's Exceptional Nutrition & Repair Mask: the ultimate solution for hairdressers seeking to deliver exceptional results to their clients.

This transformative mask is meticulously formulated to revitalise and repair hair. Enriched with powerful nourishing ingredients, it penetrates deeply to restore strength, moisture, and vitality to each strand.

With Keratin Revolution's Exceptional Nutrition & Repair Mask, hairdressers can unlock the secret to unparalleled hair transformation, ensuring their clients leave the salon with revitalized, healthy, and stunningly beautiful hair. Elevate your salon experience and become a trusted expert in hair repair with this essential tool in your arsenal.

The Benefits

  • Designed exclusively for professionals, this luxurious mask offers an unparalleled experience of nourishment and repair for your client's hair.
  • Enriched with the potent combination of keratin proteins, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, this high-end formula delivers transformative results, leaving hair looking and feeling healthier than ever before
  • Creates opportunities for a tailored service (mix 50/50 with the Keratin Treatment to create a 'Hair Botox' formula.