Scalp Detox & Treatment Kit

A hair care solution for revitalized, healthy hair. This set includes Detox Shampoo, Smooth And Moisture Mask, and our New Argan Oil.
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Revitalise your hair from the roots with the Scalp Detox & Hair Treatment Set, a comprehensive kit designed to rejuvenate and nourish your hair while maintaining optimal scalp health. This transformative trio of products works synergistically to cleanse, treat, and nourish, ensuring your hair receives the complete care it deserves.

Scalp detox shampoo - PH Balance 6.0: Start your hair revival with our pH-balanced Cleansing Shampoo. Specially formulated with a pH of 6.0, it gently cleanses the scalp without disturbing the natural acidity needed to protect your hair’s cuticles. By maintaining closed cuticles, the shampoo ensures that treatments penetrate effectively without causing unnecessary roughness or tangles. This precise pH level aids in detangling pre-blow-dry and prepares the hair shaft for optimal treatment absorption, setting the stage for a transformative hair care experience.

Smooth and moisture treatment mask: Continue with our Smooth and moisture treatment mask engineered to begin the repair process by infusing weakened hair with essential proteins. This step maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment by capitalising on the intact cuticle, allowing for deeper penetration and more significant repair where your hair needs it most.

Argan Oil Nourisher: Complete your regimen with our luxurious Argan Oil Nourisher. This rich oil provides the ultimate nourishment for your hair, sealing in moisture and adding a luminous shine that highlights your hair’s natural beauty. It’s the perfect finish to ensure your hair remains smooth, hydrated, and vibrantly healthy.

Suitable for chemically treated hair, the Scalp Detox & Hair Treatment Set is especially beneficial if you’re looking to restore balance and vitality to your locks. Experience the difference with this expertly curated set that not only cleanses and opens pathways for treatments but nourishes and seals for lasting health and shine


  • Allows for easy on-the-go, air dry styling.
  • Anti-freeze ingredients promote all day smoothness.
  • Defines like curl cream to enhance all textures.
  • Buildable formulation allows ultimate control over hold strength.

Optimal pH Balance: The Cleansing Shampoo is carefully balanced with a pH of 6.0, ensuring it cleanses without opening the hair cuticle, preventing unnecessary roughness and maintaining the integrity of the hair.

Enhanced Treatment Efficacy: By keeping the cuticles closed, the shampoo optimizes the hair’s condition for receiving treatments, allowing the Keratin Treatment to penetrate effectively and work more efficiently.

Detangling Assistance: The pH-balanced formula aids in detangling hair before blow-drying, making styling smoother and reducing the risk of breakage.

Starts Repair Process: The Smooth and moisture treatment mask begins the repair process by delivering essential proteins to the hair, fortifying strands from within, and addressing areas of damage.

Deep Nourishment: Argan Oil, rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants, deeply nourishes the hair, locking in moisture and leaving it soft and manageable.

Luminous Shine: The Argan Oil Nourisher adds a beautiful, healthy shine to your hair, enhancing its natural vibrancy and texture.

Protection for Chemically Treated Hair: The set is specifically beneficial for chemically treated hair, helping to restore balance, enhance moisture retention, and prevent future damage.

Long-lasting Results: Regular use of the set helps maintain hair health and vitality, ensuring long-lasting results that keep your hair looking its best.

Prevents Roughness and Damage: By maintaining a balanced pH, the shampoo helps to protect the hair from becoming too alkaline, which can lead to dryness and difficulty in detangling.

Smooth and Hydrated Finish: The overall effect of using the set is smoother, hydrated, and healthier-looking hair, with improved manageability and less frizz.


Key ingredients: PH Balancing Formula, Collagen, Keratin, Argan Oil

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